Gardening on the home front

Worked Saturday about 5 1/2 hours, planting various transplants purchased at St. Louis Herb Society and the Native Plant Society.  Robert and I also spent a little while working on a trellis design.  We decided to pound 4′ rebar stakes into the ground and then slide 1/2″ EMT conduit over the rebar to secure.  The 1/2″  EMT will be bent and secured with a compression joint.   Robert bent the first 10′ EMT at 3′ so the Wild West trellis will be 7′ wide.  The remaining trellis frames need to be a precise dimension in order to fit inside the raised bed.

I also recently purchased a tool that is very handy.  Robert told me about it after I mentioned that I thought the least expensive solution for keeping the many containers from sitting directly on the deck would be square “trivets” constructed from equal length sections of PVC, joined by street elbows.

PVC "trivet" to sit under flower pot

The tool is a ratcheting PVC cutter.  They cost about $13 at the local big box hardware store.

Ratcheting PVC cutter

It does a great job of cutting through PVC, up to 1″.  My “trivets” are 1/2″ PVC and with very little effort you can cut the PVC and then slip on the street elbows to complete a trivet.   It’s easy to measure  each length the same as the first cut by simply resting the initially cut piece on the blade of the cutter and closing the jaws down on the piece to be cut.

Making sure subsequent cuts result in equal lengths

PVC tubing shown in ratchet cutting tool


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