Another harvest day

Yesterday I worked at the two community gardens from 1:45 – about 5 pm.  I left WildWest Garden about 3 pm, spending as much time visiting as working. At the church garden, I harvested chard, radishes and just 3 green onions.

5-9-11 Radishes - Easter Egg Blend

5-9-11 Rainbow Chard, from north church bed

I began laying landscape fabric around the beds to reduce my exposure to ticks.  I only had 6 bags of cedar mulch, so I will have to complete this job later.  Also realized that I needed to cover a wider path in order not to totally mess up the path for mowing.  If I just mulch the space next to my beds, it leaves a section to be mowed that isn’t as wide as the mower.  Then I came home, feed the animals, put away the veggies and went to Lowes’s in order to pick up some organic potting soil.   I’ll use this soil for the tomato containers on the deck.  I discovered that the Hartmann’s Yellow Trifele in a container on the deck  blew over during our brief shower and subsequent strong winds.  The stem had cracked at the soil line.  Sigh.  It was almost two feet tall and had blossoms appearing.  The plan is to build a rolling platform with a trellis mounted to it; I should have placed a temporary trellis  for it.

I visited and found a recipe for sauteed radishes,  that also uses the greens.  I prepared that as a side dish for dinner.   We liked it; the greens were a beautiful green and the taste was like a mild turnip and greens dish.  The recipe can be found here,  (I’m still having trouble getting WP to insert a link – sorry).


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