Hurrying as fast as I can . . .

Yesterday I spent part of the day shopping for a dress to wear to the outdoor wedding coming up this weekend in Texas.  It was also trying to rain, so I really couldn’t get much done outside.  I purchased 12 more bags of cedar mulch and took to the church community garden.  I didn’t have room for the wheelbarrow so I ended up carrying one bag at a time from the car to the bed.  You can see that some of the mulch is dark – ie, wet.  When I carried the 6 bags down the day before,  they were dry and I carried them down 2 at a time.  It’s a trade off – when I bought the 6 bags, I picked them out, loaded them into my car at the store.  When I bought the 12 bags, I paid for them and had them loaded from outside stock, which of course was wet.  I probably still need 8 – 10 bags to finish the second bed, so I’ll probably try to load dry bags from inside the store.

5-10-11 North church bed mulched, south bed mulch in progress

I worked about 2 hours at the church beds and about 30 minutes at Wild West bed.  I was soaked and covered in mulch by the time I left the church beds.  It was about 88 degrees, mostly overcast, but so humid that sweat was pouring down my face and onto my glasses.  I know some of my friends may not believe that women “sweat”, but I guarantee this was not a “glow”.  Nothing like high humidity and still air combined with a little work.  Perhaps it bears repeating Ahmed Kathrada’s quote:  “People who have wild ideas about how to run the earth ought to start with a small garden”.  It’s amazing how easy it is to underestimate the amount of work involved.  Which brings me to the importance of commitment.   Jodi Smedley is obviously committed to the success of the WildWest Community garden.  When I arrived at the Y garden a few minutes before 5, she and Rebecca were hauling dirt from the south of the garden to the newest beds on the north end of the garden on their personal time.  Jodi has been working tirelessly and cheerfully on this project along with others that I’m sure she would list but unfortunately I only know the names of a few – Julie, Rebecca, Michael, Deanna.

After getting home about 5:45, we played around a few minutes with empty water bottles and methods for watering my plants while I’m gone.  I purchased one Ferry-Morris ceramic watering spike, but at $4 each, I’m looking for a cheaper solution.

Ceramic watering spike I’m mainly concerned about the container plants on the deck, since that’s where I have new tomato transplants.  I think I’m going to try just putting a small hole in the neck of  plastic bottles and pray I get the right flow rate.  On several forums people suggest using rope to wick water from a large container.  I might try that too.  I’ll definitely move to a shaded spot and group them together in mass to reduce the loss from wind.  It doesn’t help that they’re elevated on the second floor.

Earlier in the day we had decided to have BBQ for dinner since it had been ages.  We tried PM BBQ,  They have been open just over a year, next door to Wildhorse Grill on Long Road.  Pros:  Friendly staff, great brisket, chicken, pork and ribs, $2.75 beers.  (Between the two of us, we sampled all four meats).  Cons: small eating area, limited selection of beer, all disposables – paper boats, styrofoam cups, plastic utensils, bus your own table.  Personally not fond of creamy potato salad.  Smokehouse beans OK, will try sweet potato fries and cole slaw next time.


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