A preview of future garden bounty

I’m visiting my mom in north Texas and I wanted to share a few images of her backyard garden.  Fortunately she isn’t plagued by the many pests we have in Missouri – no deer leeping over her fence.  She has always had a cavalier attitude about planting – just dig a hole, dump the plant in and cover it, add a bucket of water and be sure to talk to the plant.  You’ll see from the images of her flowers and vegetables that she must be on to something. 

Grandmother's roses

My paternal grandmother once had flower beds full of these roses.  Many years ago, when I admired them, she offered me a cutting.  I timidly accepted, but asked her how I could possibly get it to grow.  She said, “Just stick it in the dirt.  It’ll grow!”  I could hardly believe it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I successfully had my own rose bush a year or so later.  Years passed, I moved, my sister started a bush from one of the cuttings. 
Now my mom has joined the cycle and has several of these bushes in her yard.  True to the Southern Passalong tradition,  this plant just keeps on giving.
My mother also has a beautiful clematis vine and an amaryllis that was a gift from her identical twin. 

Mother's Amaryllis 5-13-11


Mother's clematis 5-13-11

My favorite image is of green tomatoes.  Mother says she can almost smell these tomatoes, they look so good!  This is one of the 50 cent plants she bought and planted directly into the ground as a tiny transplant.  I take this as a sign of hope for the many plants I have recently planted – most without hardening off, just offering some words of encouragement to each plant as it faces the challenge of our ever changing Missouri weather – torrents of rain, howling winds, followed by torpid days with no hint of  a breeze  and  temperatures in the 90s.  

Mother's tomatoes, 5-13-11


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