Whether you garden or not, farmer’s markets are a joy!

The Ellisville Farmer’s Market at Bluebird Park, opens Thursday evening, June 2.  It will be open 4-7 pm, rain or shine, through the summer.  Not sure when the season ends; probably late September-early October.  It’s always great to have another farmer’s market open . When it’s only 1.5 miles from your home, it’s almost like having a worry free garden in your back yard.  There are so many reasons to attend a nearby farmer’s market .  The atmosphere is always festive – there’s typically live music and some activity specifically for children.  Conversations with various vendors usually result in the discovery of a new recipe , knowledge of  a cultivar, or some other fun fact.  Two of my favorite vendors will be returning to this venue this year.     Karl Burgart of Healthy Harvest Gardens  sells produce, provides garden consultations and sells organic Greek olive oil and handmade olive oil soap.  Mike and Carol Brabo of Vesterbrook Farms sell eggs, turkeys, lamb and organic produce.   I’m looking forward to visiting with the vendors again this year and enjoying their organic produce.    Even though I have gardens of my own, I can’t possibly  grow the variety or quantity that I can find at the market.

Yesterday  Eric and I  finished mulching the areas around my raised beds at the church garden.  He made two trips to a landscape supplier, hauling cedar mulch in the bed of his truck.  Then he moved the mulch from the truck in the parking lot down to the garden in our wheelbarrow.   I had the easy job of laying the landscape fabric and spreading the mulch.

Church community beds after final mulching

5-24-11 harvest - chard, broccoli greens, kale, radishes and an onion

While I was there, I harvested some more greens and a few remaining radishes.

I also added more soil around the potato plants that I had planted a few weeks ago.

5-24-11 Swiss Chard – love the color!

Today was another day of severe weather – no gardening.  Just moving  plants on the deck  from open to covered space for protection in case of the predicted hail.  Fortunately, we didn’t experience any bad weather here – some lightning and rain, but no hail, no tornadoes, and no excessive winds.  Hallelujah!


One response to “Whether you garden or not, farmer’s markets are a joy!

  1. You’re making me hungry and making me DROOL.

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