Passionate about life – in particular family, nature, gardening, cooking, social justice, spirituality, reading and photography, to name a few.  Am an avid recycler and thrift store shopper.  I’m prone to flit from one activity to another, often leaving a trail of unfinished projects.  This year I’m  learning about veggie gardening, with a commitment to preservation of plant diversity.  I’ll be planting mostly heirloom plants, in the hopes that I will save the seeds and pass along to others.   I’m concerned about our impact on the environment, particularly our water so I strive to garden organically.  Due to the steep rocky slopes at our home and the preponderance of foraging deer, I’ve decided to participate in 2 community gardens.  I have two 4’x8′ 10″ raised beds in a small church garden and  one 4’x14′ 10″ raised bed in a nearby YMCA garden.   I will also be growing a few veggies and herbs in containers on our deck – safe from the deer.


3 responses to “About

  1. Valerie, I really enjoyed your blog and will definitely follow it. I’m a blogger as well but mostly pics of my kids and things I love. I think we need to get together. Are you a member at the Y? If so maybe you should come to my Pilates class, and if yout not come in as my guest.
    Will be in touch,

  2. Hey Valerie: Dave and I were sitting across from you on Friday at the YMCA Community Garden presentation by the local farmer. It was a great event and a wonderful lunch. I am reading your blog and really like it, and find your inspiration from local community, food, preserving our beloved planet, family, etc. are the same things I love. Great blog, I’ll be dropping in on-line from time to time. Best Wishes, Ellen Bartin

    • Ellen, I remember you. I noticed you were in Allison’s pilates class this morning. I would love to have you follow my blog – an easy way is to subscribe to be notified when they are updated. Otherwise, feel free to drop in and check it out as you can. Love getting to know kindred spirits. Valerie

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